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Video Production Victoria BC


We combine the storytelling and selling powers of video with Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads.  This deadly combination drives a flow of new customers like you’ve never seen before.


Seriously… Why would you even for one second consider working with a marketing agency that doesn’t specialize in video marketing?  They’re 20 years behind!  It’s 2018, not 1998…  There is no medium that comes even close to driving such incredible results!  On average, businesses that incorporate video production into their online marketing strategy see an 80% bump in leads and sales.  If you’re not investing in video, you’re leaving money and customers on the table.


People who view a video retain 95% of its message compared to 10% when reading


Businesses who use video see an average increase of 157% in organic website traffic


Video increases website conversions by 80% or more


Videos drive 12x as many shares on social platforms than when just using images and text combined


Over 1000 New Paid Members in Under 30 Days

We’ve been doing video production work for Jane Stafford Textiles for many years now and helped launch their new and successful online guild.  We filmed this video (among many others) and designed their online guild sales page.

Our efforts helped drive over 1000 new paid members in under 30 days.

16 Customers Worth 32k in 1 Month from 1 Video and Facebook Campaign

The Peninsula Academy of Music Arts needed a way to generate new students on demand.

We combined this video with a Facebook marketing campaign that generated 16 new students in the first month alone with an ad spend of only $200.19!

These 16 new customers have a lifetime value of about $32,000 for this business!


Video Production Victoria BC

While results are the most important to us (and should be most important to you) we still take great care in representing your business and brand with solid production quality and engaging content.


If you’re just looking for someone to point a camera and make something pretty, we’re probably not a good fit.  We don’t like wasting our client’s time and money!

If however, you understand that video is like rocket fuel for your online marketing efforts and you’re ready to launch your online marketing efforts into the stratosphere, we’re probably a good fit.

The deadly combination of Video production and online marketing is the bridge between your business goals and reality.  SERIOUSLY!

Facebook and Google are both pushing for more video and rewarding it with higher reach and search rankings respectively.

Video drives 80% more leads and sales!  80%, not 8%!

What would your business look like with 80% more leads and sales?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say it would look pretty, pretty good.

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