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How to Grant Facebook Ad Account Access

We’re going to need access to your Facebook ads account whether were auditing your Facebook ads account or running your campaigns.

If we’re auditing your account, we’ll request “Ad account analyst” permissions which will allow us to view your account and reports only.

If we’re going to begin running your campaigns, we’ll request “Ad account admin” permissions.

Here’s how to grant access.

  1. Go to facebook.com and make sure you’re logged in
  2. Click the little dropdown arrow in the top right and go to “Manage Ads”
  3. Copy and past the ID for the appropriate account and send it to info@stratospheredigital.ca
  4. We will then request access to that account
  5. In the ads manager (where you should be after clicking “Manage Ads”) click the top left hamburger menu (three horizontal lines)
  6. Click “All Tools >”
  7. Click “Settings”
  8. Under “Ad Account Roles” you should see a new request for access to your account
  9. Approve the request

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