Here’s How the DENTAL CLINIC MARKET DOMINATION SYSTEM Helps Dental Clinics Attract More High-Value Patients On-Demand

The Dental Clinic Market Domination System is all about attracting a flood of new high-value patients online for dental clinics.

Here’s what my team and I do to make that happen.

1. Strategy

We run campaigns that are measurable and profitable.  This means we measure calls, emails, appointments and of course sales.  You know… things that actually make your clinic money.

Here’s how strategy works:

Right now, you’re likely spending most of your ad budget showing ads to people who will never become patients.

We begin by identifying your ideal patients.  These are the people who want, need and can afford your services…

We then implement proven systems and campaigns and show ads only to them.  This significantly cuts your ad spend and gets you more high-value patients.

2. Search Domination

Many people begin their search for a dentist or a dental procedure on Google.

The thing is, most people don’t book an appointment immediately.  They browse around, look at competitors and take some time to think about it.

So, how do you make sure they book with you and not with a competitor?  You have your ads start showing the moment they start searching for a dentist or dental procedure.

This keeps your practice top of mind and when they are ready to finally book an appointment, they’ll book with you.

Your competitors won’t stand a chance!

3. Social Media Domination

Your ideal patients are on social media, but the thing is, they’re not on social media to find a dentist.

So, how do we convert cold prospects on social media into new high-value patients?

  1. By finding or building an audience who is interested in your services
  2. By building goodwill with that audience with consistent educational content
  3. By asking for the appointment only after that audience knows, likes and trusts your dental clinic

It’s so simple, yet 95% of your competitors are getting this all wrong.  They just run ads that ask for an appointment right of the bat and their campaigns fail miserably.  Why?  Because they didn’t build goodwill with their audience first.  It’s like proposing marriage on the first date!

Building goodwill and affinity with the right audience first is the key to unlocking a successful social media marketing campaign.

4. Retargeting

Some of the lowest hanging fruit with online marketing is retargeting.

Simply put, we show ads to people who have visited your website, who have engaged with your content or who are on your mailing list.

This not only gets your ads in front of a highly interested audience, but it also keeps your ads in front of them ALL THE TIME!

We can retarget these people with Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Website ads and more.

Competing practices won’t stand a chance.  You’ll appear everywhere while they’ll remain in obscurity.

5. Appointment Generating Websites

If your website isn’t consistently generating appointments, there’s something wrong.

You either have traffic problem (quality, quantity or both) or a conversion problem.

If it’s a conversion problem, your website is no-doubt like a boring brochure rather than a mini salesperson.

In-fact, a typical informational-style website will generate 5x LESS appointments than a website that’s been designed for the purpose of generating appointments.

Simply put, we design websites that not only inform but persuade visitors to take action.

When combined with targeted traffic, you’ll have more appointments than your practice will ever need.

These 5 points combine to create the Dental Marketing Domination System and will attract more high-value patients for your practice.

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