If I Could Guarantee 50+ Enquiries About Your Services Every Month, Would You be Interested?

That's EXACTLY what I can do and the proof is attached!

In just a few short months I was able to generate 244 leads for $5.34 (CAD) each for this team of realtors.


Here's what some of those leads looked like.  These are people actively seeking help finding a property in their area.



We helped this service business generate leads for $5.40 (CAD) each.  Leads started coming in for a few bucks a piece the very first day we ran this campaign!

Roughly one in seven leads became new customers with a lifetime value of $2,000!


My name's Myles English and my specialty is generating inquiries and leads for service business with Facebook and Google Ads.

It's something I've become incredibly good at because it's all I do every single day!

So you're probably wondering exactly how I'm able to consistently deliver results like these.

I use...

  • A Unique and Proprietary Methodology
  • Proven Campaigns (No Guesswork)




All of this combines to deliver massive results like you've never seen before.

I could do this for you and save you all the guesswork, wasted ad spend, time and frustration that inevitably follows trying to do this on your own.

Are you interested?

Email myles@stratospheredigital in the next 48 hours and we can have a short no-obligation chat to see if this is right for you.

You can also book a time here:

All the best,

Myles English

Online Lead Generation Expert


P.S. Time is a factor.  I can only take on a couple new clients each month and only take on one type of business in each city, so lock in your time now.