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Let’s Turn Your Website Into Your #1 Salesperson 

We don’t just build websites, we build automated online sales systems that increase sales and streamline your sales processes.  It’s like having a killer sales team working around the clock for free.

100% free help for developing or refining your online strategy so you can reach your business goals FASTER.

Ready for an Automated Online Sales System?

What would your business look like if your #1 salesperson was able to interact with thousands of prospects every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  You’d reach your business goals faster and your sales would go up dramatically, right?

Now, this “salesperson” I’m referring to is your website and your overall online presence and chances are, this “salesperson” is not very good at his job and he’s kind of lazy.

He gets in front of a few prospects (your website visitors and your social media audiences) every day, but they’re not qualified because he has no strategy for getting in front of your ideal customers or for nurturing relationships.

When a qualified lead (qualified website visitor) does come in, he looks somewhat unkempt, blabs on for 15 minutes about how many years you’ve been in business and pulls out a random stock photo of a smiling family.

The potential customer gets weirded out, leaves, and your “salesperson” never follows up.

This is almost certainly what’s happening with your online presence and it’s a huge problem, especially considering that websites influence 97% of customer’s purchasing decisions.

Now, imagine you were to fire this “salesperson” and you hired someone who:

  • could reach out to thousands of qualified prospects every day
  • consistently generates qualified leads and sales
  • never sleeps
  • followed up with every lead multiple times on multiple channels
  • is clear, concise and your best salesperson

This is exactly what your website can do for your business if it’s combined with a strategy for driving, converting and nurturing qualified traffic.

So, if you’re ready for more than just a website and are considering building an automated online system that generates leads and sales on autopilot, you should schedule your free 30-minute strategy call.

Strategic Services that Skyrocket Results

Caesar’s School of Music

117 Leads at $5.40 (CAD) each.  Roughly 1 out of 7 became customers.

Victoria Property Specialists Group

244 Leads at $5.34 (CAD) each.

Jane Stafford Textiles

Grew their search traffic by 50% in one month with some simple optimizations, grew their newsletter signups by 652% and helped launch their paid membership site which now has over 1,000 members.

Alan O’Rourke Construction

Google Ads campaign that delivers renovation and custom home build leads for $66.82 (CAD) each in an industry that’s willing to pay 3 times as much.

It Starts with Your Strategic Blueprint


internet marketing channels

1. Your Ideal Customers

We begin by identifying your ideal customers and where they hang out online so you can afford to constantly stay in front of your most valuable prospects.

digital marketing blueprint

2. Your Online Sales Blueprint

Once we’re clear on your ideal customer, we map out a digital marketing blueprint that’s designed to drive more sales through your website and online channels.

Strategy + Services = Automated Sales Systems

Once your strategic blueprint is designed, we implement your Facebook campaigns, Google Ad campaigns, automation, and sales-focused website.  Most importantly, however, we make sure all of these channels are working together as a cohesive system that constantly keeps your business’s offers in front of your ideal customers.  This drives down advertising costs dramatically and helps drive significantly more sales.


  • UI / UX
  • Brand Development
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping


  • E-Commerce
  • WordPress Development
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Frontend / Backend

Internet Marketing

  • Strategy, Consulting, and Planning
  • Facebook and Paid Search
  • Automation and Email Marketing
  • Content Creation

Recent Web Design Projects

Ion Accounting and Tax Solutions

We helped Ion Accounting and Tax Solutions build an online presence and brand voice that helped position their accounting firm as the no-brainer solution for individuals and businesses looking to modernize and streamline their accounting processes.


  • Web Design and Development
  • UI / UX
  • Brand Voice (Copywriting)

Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew

We helped Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew develop a custom website and online identity that positioned them as the go-to service provider in their area for restaurant cleaning services.


  • Web Design and Development
  • UI / UX
  • Brand Voice (Copywriting)
  • Video Production

Icon Oil

Icon Oil needed a fresh online presentation of their company and the ability to update content on their website themselves.  We redesigned their website and moved them to a modern online platform.


  • Web Design
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • UI / UX

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