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Digital Marketing Victoria BC

Online Marketing, Web Design, and Video Production that Drives Real Results

We help businesses develop and execute digital marketing strategies that generate leads and sales with proven Facebook strategies, Google Ad campaigns, conversion-focused websites, and video content.


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digital marketing Victoria BC

Some Client Results

Caesar’s School of Music

117 Leads at $5.40 (CAD) each.  Roughly 1 out of 7 became customers.

Victoria Property Specialists Group

244 Leads at $5.34 (CAD) each.

Jane Stafford Textiles

Grew their search traffic by 50% in one month with some simple optimizations, grew their newsletter signups by 652% and helped launch their paid membership site which now has over 1,000 members.

Alan O’Rourke Construction

Google Ads campaign converting at 7.5% that delivers renovation and custom home build leads for $66.82 (CAD) each in an industry that’s willing to pay 3 times as much.

Google AdWords Testimonial


Digital Marketing Victoria BC and Beyond

Battle-tested strategies that deliver leads and sales when your business needs them.



1. Your Ideal Customers

We begin by identifying your ideal customers so you can afford to constantly stay in front of your most valuable prospects.

internet marketing channels

2. How to Reach Them

We find out where your ideal customers hang out online and how to target them so we’re only investing in ad spend that’s capturing leads and making sales.

marketing funnel

3. Messaging and Offers

We identify and develop messaging and offers that appeal to your ideal customers at different stages in their buying cycle.

#2 – We DESIGN Your Lead Generation Factory

Once we’re clear on your messaging, media and market, we map out a digital marketing blueprint based on what’s working in your industry, past and current client results, your ideal customers and your business and services.


1. Basic Customer Journey

First, we map out a basic system for turning cold prospects into new paying customers.


2. Remarketing

We expand on this system with remarketing which drives even more leads by staying in front of interested prospects.

digital marketing blueprint

3. Automated Emails

We include automated email sequences that continue to nurture leads and convert even more to calls and sales.

#3 – We BUILD Your Lead Generation Factory

Now we build out your lead generation system based on the marketing blueprint we’ve developed.


1. Content

We develop content with clear messaging and with a focus on converting prospects to leads to sales.

2. Campaign Setup

Next, we set up your Facebook, Google and YouTube campaigns.  This includes everything from ads to targeting to remarketing.

3. Email Automation

Now we develop automated email sequences that nurture your leads and keep your business and services top of mind.

4. Landing Pages

We build persuasive landing pages with a laser focus on driving customer actions like calling, emailing or opting in for an offer.

5. Web Design

If your website plays a big enough role in your online lead generation efforts, it might be time for some web design and conversion-focused website.

6. Video Production

Video consistently drives the best performance from online marketing campaigns.  Our video production services include video sales letters, testimonial videos, webinars and more.

#4 – We MANAGE and OPTIMIZE Your Lead Generation Factory

google ads and facebook ads management

1. Management

We keep a close eye on your campaigns and make optimizations as needed to make sure you’re getting the best results from your ad spend.
monthly marketing reporting

2. Reporting

Each month we deliver a report with exactly how many leads we’ve generated.  We can even work with you to setup sales tracking.
analytics and conversion rate optimization

3. Analytics

We track where your leads are coming from and make the necessary changes to your campaigns to keep leads costs low and lead quality high.
split testing

4. Split Testing

Regular split tests are run to ensure your ads, audiences, offers and landing pages are all delivering the best possible results.
digital marketing consultant

5. Consulting

We include regular consulting sessions to help keep your marketing efforts on course and to help set a clear direction for your campaigns moving forward.

About the Founder

Myles English learned the ropes of the online marketing world by first working for another established marketing agency.

He soon branched off on his own to found Stratosphere Digital which is a boutique online marketing agency that helps service businesses generate leads online.

Myles has been working as a digital marketing consultant for over 5 years and his client list includes renovation contractors, real estate brokers, accounting firms, music schools, cleaning businesses and much more.

Before focusing on working with service businesses, he also worked with clients such as oil companies, tech startups, and established online stores.

Writing and sharing his knowledge is something Myles enjoys and he has written for various online publications, the most notable being SitePoint.

Recent Video Production Work

Over 1000 New Paid Members in Under 30 Days

We’ve been doing video production work for Jane Stafford Textiles for many years now and helped launch their new and successful online guild.  We filmed this video (among many others) and designed their online guild sales page.

Our efforts helped drive over 1000 new paid members in under 30 days.

16 Customers Worth 32k in 1 Month from 1 Video and Facebook Campaign

The Peninsula Academy of Music Arts needed a way to generate new students on demand.

We combined this video with a Facebook marketing campaign that generated 16 new students in the first month alone with an ad spend of only $200.19!

These 16 new customers have a lifetime value of about $32,000 for this business!

Latest Videos from Our YouTube Channel

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