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Video increases website leads and sales by at least 80% and message retention is 95% in comparison to only 10% when reading text. We not only produce videos because we love telling stories, but also because it’s the most powerful online communication medium and it’s frankly insane how powerful it is as a marketing tool.

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People who view a video retain 95% of its message compared to 10% when reading text


Businesses who use video see an average increase of 157% in organic website traffic


Video increases website conversions (leads/sales) by 80% or more


Videos drive 12x as many shares on social platforms than when just using images and text combined


The Peninsula Academy of Music Arts (PAMA) wanted a short video to help with online promotion of their ukulele classes. We knew right off the bat that an interview style video would be a great way to help promote the classes as the students have such a great time. We helped put together this entire video from conception to planning to production.
Jane Stafford Textiles has been in business for decades, but recently launched a new online learning component for their business with our help. We not only shot all of their online course material, but also this video to help promote their online guild. This video played a vital role in the success of their online guild which now has over 1200 members.
Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew is a new business that understands there’s no better promo material than video. They needed a video that quickly details their services and gives a real feel for the personal touch they provide their clients. This video quickly saw thousands of views with no paid promotion and has been very effective at building brand awareness.
Elaine Lakeman is a singer from Sidney BC that needed a better way to get some more live gigs. We decided that a series of live music videos was the best bet as venue owners not only want to hear what a band sounds like live, but they also want to see what they look like performing live. Within a couple weeks, Elaine has booked several new gigs thanks to these videos.

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