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A strategy first system that’s designed to not only deliver the best results from each of our services but to also make sure that every service we provide is working toward the common goal of growing your business.


Marketing Strategy

We develop a marketing blueprint that’s designed to keep high-value leads coming in on demand.

Facebook and Google Marketing

We’re experts at turning cold Facebook, Google and YouTube traffic into hot leads for your business.

Email Marketing

We love building automated email nurturing sequences that keep your business top of mind and turn cold leads warm.



We’re great at writing persuasive copy that speaks to your customer’s pains and positions your business’s services as the only sensible solution.

Video Production

Want to double your leads for the same ad spend?  Start investing in video.  We’ve seen some great results from the videos we’ve produced.

Web Design and Development

Every website we design is backed by a solid traffic strategy so that it’s not just looking pretty, but it’s actually sending new business your way.




Strategy is a blueprint of sorts that’s developed over a series of meetings and is key to running a successful online marketing campaign.  It’s designed to:

  1. Learn about your highest value prospects.  We want to know where they hang out online, how they shop and what marketing messages will resonate with them at different stages in their buying process.
  2. Position your services as the only sensible solution for your highest value prospects.
  3. Help develop tactics that keep your business and services top of mind for your highest value prospects.


Your Business and Needs

We begin by getting to know as much as we can about your business, what makes it unique and the problems you’re currently experiencing (not enough leads, too reliant on referrals, website not driving enough sales calls, etc.)

Your Ideal Customer

The key component to consistently landing these high-value projects on demand is to first understand your ideal customer.  

We need to figure out exactly who your ideal customer is because:

  1. You can’t afford to advertise to everyone, let alone stay in front of everyone more than once.
  2. Most people need to see a marketing message at least 7 times before making a purchasing decision.
  3. You don’t want to market to everyone, you only want to market to the prospects who can afford your services and who value your services.
  4. You want marketing messages that speak to a clearly defined audience.  Broad messages aren’t nearly as effective.

Simply put, this helps keep advertising and customer acquisition costs low and lead quality high.

Your Market and Competition

Now that we understand your ideal customer, we need to look at how to get in front of them, as well as your competition.

Strategies and Tactics

Now that we both have a clear understanding of your ideal customer, your market and your competition we can begin discussing and defining strategies and tactics to implement in the future.


Now we’re armed with a solid understanding of your business, it’s problems, it’s ideal customers, your market and your competition.  It’s time to put together and present the solution for helping your business land new customers on demand.


Here, we present a plan of action that will drive results on a budget that works for your business.

There is no commitment to move forward at this point however we’ve found that almost every business we’ve gone through this process with does.



This is where the project gets real.  We get all the stakeholders in a meeting and get everyone familiar with our project processes.


Now that we have a solid strategy in place that everyone is on board with, it’s time to start producing all the marketing assets.


This is where we develop the finer details of your marketing strategy.  We write persuasive copy that compels your ideal client to take action and we design a marketing funnel that turns your ideal prospects into paying customers.


The production phase is when everything starts coming together.  Landing pages get built, ad campaigns are created, websites get designed and videos are produced.  

Once all of your marketing assets are produced, we test, then launch.

Step 3 – Optimization

Finally, we manage and continuously improve your marketing campaigns.  This includes ongoing optimization, campaign maintenance, lead quality assessments and usability testing.

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