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82 Leads in two months at $4.90 per lead.


Lead Cost

People Reached

Project Summary

Caesar’s School of Music needed more students and that’s exactly what we delivered (and continue to deliver). We developed a marketing strategy and Facebook campaign that consistently sent music lesson inquiries for $4.90/ea directly from Facebook.

The Strategy

Three components have to work hand in hand for any marketing campaign to be successful. Media, message and market.


First, we had to figure out who is most likely to sign up for music lessons. Some basic research and some campaign data quickly revealed that Moms within about 5 miles are most likely to purchase music lessons for their kids.


Next, we needed to figure out where to get in front of these Moms. What better media than Facebook? We can target by gender, age, marital status and location!

Message (or Offer)

We know from experience that once you get someone through a business’s doors, there’s a very good chance they’ll become a customer. We thought the best low friction offer would be to offer a free music lesson.

Proven Results

We setup a Facebook lead generation campaign that offered a free introductory music lesson to 35 to 45 year old women within a 5 mile radius of Caesar’s School of Music.

The results have been great! Leads cost an average of $4.90 each and we were able to send 82 leads in 2 months. Roughly one in six leads becomes a student. With a customer lifetime value of at least $1,500, this was a highly profitable Facebook campaign.