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Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew is a new company that needed everything including branding, logo, website, copy, photos, video and strategic advice on how their website can be best utilized in their overall sales process.

We began by sitting down for several meetings to gain an in-depth understanding of their business. We do this with all new projects because it allows us to suggest the best possible solutions and strategies for our clients.

First we began by designing a new logo. We wanted to design something that immediately communicated what Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew does. Blue and green seemed like appropriate colors as they are commonly associated with cleaning services. The sparkling oven, mop, bucket and suds quickly make it clear what Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew Does and the text “RESTAURANT CLEANING CREW” is featured most prominently because it clearly defines what services the business offers.

Custom Photos

At Stratosphere Digital, we like to design websites that quickly and effectively communicate a brand’s story and messaging. We knew right off the bat that photos of the owner were a no-brainer.  Nothing has more power to communicate a brand’s identity than photos.

We generally try to avoid stock photography as it is usually too generic and lacks the communication power of photos of actual people working in a business.  Websites need to look credible.  They need to show that there’s more behind a business than a generic web page.


We’re now suggesting to every new business we work with that they start investing in video.  Why?  Because it’s proven time and again to increase leads and sales dramatically.  Videos do this because they can show so much more than photos and text.  People’s personalities can shine through for example.

We did a one day shoot with just the owner as they’re still in the process of hiring staff.

Web Design

It’s important to understand how a website fits into a business’s overall sales process.  Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew isn’t likely going to make a sale right from their website, nor are they going to generate a tonne of leads from organic search traffic as they serve a small area.

In the B2B world, 94% of businesses will do online research before making a purchasing decision.  This means that Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew’s website will likely be visited after an initial cold-call or meeting.  Restaurant owners will want to learn more and what’s on Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew’s website will inform their purchasing decision.

We made sure all the information a restaurant owner may be looking for is easy to find and quick and easy to read and understand.

Moving Forward

Because Oceanside Restaurant Cleaning Crew is a new business, it doesn’t have any testimonials or reviews yet.  We will work with them in the future to incorporate these into their website.


Thanks for reading.

If it’s time to design a new website for your business, or shoot a video, let us know!