Are You Ready?

I help music schools use Facebook ads to get more students and add thousands of dollars of monthly recurring revenue. The best part? I can start sending you new students tomorrow!



1. Lead Gen Funnel Setup

When you work with me, you get access to online lead gen systems that cost me thousands of dollars to develop and tweak. They’re designed specifically for music schools. I can start sending new music students your way tomorrow like clockwork.

2. I Run Facebook Ads

I’m a Facebook advertising expert and I know what works and what doesn’t for music schools. I know what offers drive new students, who to target, the right ad copy to use, images that convert well and so on. You could try to figure this out yourself, but why not just work with me?

3. You Get the Leads

Finally, you get access to an online portal with a list of leads that’s updated in real time. It’s of course up to you to close the deal, but these are high-quality leads that have expressed interest in taking lessons with a teacher at your studio.


1. Guaranteed Results

I know our internet marketing campaigns and strategies work for teaching businesses just like yours, so unlike almost every other marketing agency, I can guarantee results! There’s absolutely no risk you’ll pay for marketing services with nothing to show for it because you pay per lead!

2. Predictable ROI

Our pricing is based on the number of leads we send to your business each month. Each business is a bit different, but once you know how many of these leads turn into paying students, you can accurately predict your business’s future profits and growth.

3. 100% Managed

Internet marketing is very complex, but what we do is quite simple. We set up, then manage internet marketing campaigns that we know work for your business. We then send you qualified leads. That’s it! Yes, it is up to you to complete the sales process, but we do offer sales training if that’s something you need.

4. Leverage Our Network

Because we primarily work with teaching businesses, we can take every new trick and strategy we develop and deploy it across our network of clients.

It’s like having the knowledge and resources of a large company at your disposal, but at a price point that’s affordable for your small business.

I’m offering to help your business for free, so why not take me up on the free call?