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Video Transcript

Hey, Myles English from Stratosphere Digital here and in today’s video we’re going to talk about how to generate leads with Facebook ads.

Now, we’re not going to talk about a bunch of theory, we’re going to actually look at a real campaign that we ran for a real business and the exact results that we were able to achieve for that business.

We’re also going to look at how we turned their campaign around from spending five hundred dollars and seeing zero leads and zero results to getting about a hundred leads for that same amount of ad spend.

So, this is just a dramatic change in results by simply tweaking a few little things.

Now, there are a couple things you’ll need to understand before we dive right into the exact ads, the copy, the landing pages and so on.

The first thing you need to understand is that we need to move an audience through these four steps of awareness, interest, desire, and action in sequence.

We can’t skip to interest, desire, action without first moving them through the awareness phase.

So, they have to be aware of your service, they have to be aware that they need it, and they have to be aware of your business before we can move them to interest and so on.

Now, what many business owners will do is they will put an ad up on Facebook that’s really appealing to people at the action stage and they’re skipping by all of these necessary three steps.

So, they’ll essentially say “buy now.” That’s what this business did is they just ran an ad that said “buy now” and nothing happened… absolutely nothing.

So, here’s how we flip that around.

Instead of just running an ad for “buy now” we ran this ad which was for a free music lesson; quite a big difference.

Now, a lot of businesses will be hesitant to do this they’ll think they’re going to lose a bunch of money because they’re giving away something for free and the people just aren’t going to buy it.

But what this does is it moves these people through these stages (awareness, interest, desire and action).

Now, here’s how this breaks down.

We targeted moms in the business’s area because we found out that they were the ones who signed up kids for lessons.

The dads almost a hundred percent of the time just didn’t do it. They didn’t opt-in for the offer.

So, the irresistible offer was for a free music lesson (perfect for that awareness stage).

The people who are interested will fill out the form and the people who desire will take a lesson and want to continue.

And finally, now it’s time for them to take action and they will sign up and pay for lessons.

So, you can see how we move them through these steps.

We cannot skip these steps, but this works perfectly. It moves them through these stages of the funnel in perfect sequence.

So, we show this ad which simply offers a free intro music lesson.

The copy isn’t amazing or anything. There’s no, you know amazing picture.

It’s really that offer is right. It’s an offer that’s hitting people at the right stage in their buying process.

And you can see people are even engaging with this and sharing it commenting on it.

And when they click on the ad they’re sent to a very simple landing page; ridiculously simple. We just reinforce the offer, say who it’s for and just say how this is going to work.

So, we’re dealing with a couple objections here people are wondering well maybe how does this work? Am I obligated to continue or do I need an instrument?

So, we deal with a few objections, we ask for as little information as possible and we put some scarcity on the offer.

Quite straightforward. That’s it! No complex funnels. Not even automated or email sequences it was simply an ad and the landing page.

Now, here’s how this broke down.

For the first 50 leads it was $4 per lead.

So, we’re building an email list fairly cheap and of those 50 leads, 36 booked.

So that costs $5.56 per booking and they had to pay the teachers to teach that intro lesson so it cost $20.56 cents per booking.

Out of those 36, 16 signed up for lessons.

So, cost $45.90 per student and customer lifetime value’s around $2,000.

16 new customers should bring in about $32,000 for this business.

So, I hope that is informative and I hope that gives you some ideas.

And really the big takeaway here is if you want your campaign to be successful, you absolutely have to move that audience from awareness to interest to desire to action.

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Thanks so much for watching and hope to see you again.