Victoria BC


No Pressure, No Obligation

This consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for us to present website and marketing solutions specifically designed for your business.

STEP 1 – Simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll schedule or have a quick call where we get to know your business and its needs.  We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have at the time.

STEP 2 – If we both feel like we’re potentially a good fit, we’ll schedule a free, in-person meeting where we’ll get to know your business a bit better.  We’ll also send you a brief discovery document for you to fill out which will help both of us prepare for our upcoming meeting.

STEP 3 – We meet!  During this meeting, we like to discover a bit more about your business and how we can help your business meet its online goals.  We’ll also come prepared with a competitor analysis, SEO reports and some expert insight into how your website and overall online presence can be improved.


Whether you decide to work with us or not, you’ll leave your free consultation with valuable insight that’s specific to your business. There’s nothing to lose!

1. Initial Discovery

Before our meeting, we’ll send you a document which will give you the opportunity to describe your business and how we can help.  This document also gives us the opportunity to get to know your business a bit more and to prepare for our meeting.

3. Competitor Analysis

Your competitors may be taking advantage of certain marketing opportunities that you may be missing.  We’ll present not only how they’re marketing online, but also what they’re spending!


2. Basic SEO Audit

During our first meeting, we’ll present different opportunities for improving your search traffic and search presence. We’ll look at what your competitors are doing, how competitive your niche is and potential keywords that your business can capitalize on.

4. Website Assessment

We’ll look carefully through your existing website (if you have one) and present suggestions for improvement.  Even simple improvements can lead to more leads and sales for your business.