Digital Marketing Victoria BC and Beyond


Alan O’Rourke Construction

In only 4 months we sent 34 high-quality leads at a cost per lead of $66.82.  These leads are requesting an estimate for renovations and custom home builds.  We also cut down Alan O’Rourke Construction’s lead cost and improved their overall lead quality.

Victoria Property Specialists Group

In only 3 months, we sent VPSG 244 leads from Facebook for $5.34 per lead.

Caesar’s School of Music

In only 3 months we generated 117 leads for a free introductory music lesson.  Cost per lead was $5.40 and about 1 out of 7 leads signed up for music lessons.  In this end this was a very profitable campaign for Caesar’s School of Music.

Jane Stafford Textiles

 In just one month we were able to grow Jane Stafford Textiles search traffic by 50%.  We also grew their newsletter signups by 652% by implementing a simple lead magnet and pop up.  In the past two years, we also helped launch their paid membership site which now has over 1000 members.  We produced promotional videos, built landing pages and built the platform that hosts all of their online courses.

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