Web Design Fredericton NB

ABOUT Myles English – Founder

After beginning as a freelance web developer and designer many years ago, I quickly discovered that my clients weren’t coming to me for web development and design work, they were seeking a solution to a problem.  Their websites weren’t doing what they should, which is creating sales and new business opportunities.

Through the mentorship of Jonathin Hinshaw and Marama Carmichael I learned to better help the businesses I work with by taking a more consultative approach so that the solutions I provide, whether they be design, development and/or marketing drive actual results for my clients.

Since 2014, I’ve worked with dozens of clients across Canada including Pemberton Holmes, Ion Accounting, Icon Oil, Proton Energies, Jane Stafford Textiles, Victoria Property Specialists Group and Green City Builders.

I’ve successfully launched membership websites with thousands of paid subscribers, grown email lists from 0 to thousands in a few months, saved businesses thousands of hours by streamlining their e-commerce processes, developed proprietary themes and plugins, driven thousands of leads for businesses and so much more.

Outside of Stratosphere Digital I also develop my own WordPress plugins of which one is the successful WP Courses Plugin which has over 25,000 downloads and a 4.9 star rating.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge through public speaking, workshops and writing for publications like SitePoint.